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Vasocare Herbal Lip Balm Tangy Citrus


Emami has been manufacturing a range of products since the year 1974. Their new range of Vasocare products includes the Emami Vasocare Bubble Candy Lip Balm. This bubble candy flavored lip balm is your answer to chapped and overly dry lips. Composed of aloe vera, chamomile and tulsi, this product is wholly organic and natural. The bubble candy flavor of these chap sticks are ideal for teenagers and women alike, and is a great addition to their make-up kit. Along with being a moisturizer for your lips, these lip balms look chic and trendy. With Emami's special herbal hydrating formula, your lips stay soft, luscious, succulent and moisturized. You no longer need to use home remedies for chapped and flaky lips, when you have a product that is completely natural. Not only does it make your lips look glossy and shimmering, but it also soothes your lips by retaining the moisture during sharp weathers and especially during the winter season. The bubble candy flavor gives you that gleeful child-like feeling as you apply it to your care-worn lips. The Emami chap stick lasts long enough on your lips, or you can even smack them clean with a burst of bubble candy flavor in your mouth!.
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  • Manufacturer: Emami Limited

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